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Anime Figures Blog
See what's new and hot on the anime figure marketplace. Find that rare figure you were always looking for.
Most recenty added Anime Figures:
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Yozakura Quartet 1/8 Scale PVC Figure Yarizakura Hime
Kannagi 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure Tsugumi dog costume
Figma Series 01 Hatsune Miku Vocaloid PVC
Kannagi 1/7 Scale PVC Figure: Nagi catgirl
Kannagi 1/7 Scale PVC Figure: Zange Chan bunny girl

Featured Anime Video: Kannagi opening theme
Full Metal PanicUtawarerumonoFate/Stay NightFullmetal AlchemistGun X Sword animeMelancholy of Suzumiya HaruhiDeath NoteGureen Lagann
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Anime Nation:
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Sentai Reveals New Acquisitions
AntiMagic Academy Anime Announced
Kiniro Mosaic Second Season Announced
OreGairu Second Season Announced
Usotsuki Lily to Get TV Anime?
Anime UK News:
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